Marine Operations, Maintenance & Management

MaREI’s Marine Operations, Maintenance & Management capabilities focus on fundamental issues relating to the maintenance and management of marine and renewable energy installations, together with their ongoing operations. This includes aspects such as marine logistics, marine communications and remote presence monitoring to facilitate increased automation of inspection and intervention activities, which are essential in appropriately maintaining and operation such installations. The Marine Operations, Maintenance & Management team work closely with the Ocean Observation, Earth Observation, and Field Robotics teams to provide a holistic and integrated approach to the optimisation and advancement of MaREI’s Observation & Operations objectives. Key Marine Operations, Maintenance & Management focus areas include:

  • Marine Logistics: Improving the safety and economics of access to offshore marine and renewable energy installations for support vessels by developing vessel positioning systems
  • Supply Chain: Analysis of supply chain requirements for material/people flows through the network for marine and renewable energy installations
  • Intervention: Maintenance and management of marine and renewable energy installations, outlined in further detail under Field Robotics, Ocean Observation and Structural Systems.

Higher degrees of automation with regard to inspection and intervention will be necessary in order to achieve reductions in cost, with the associated systems being required to operate in challenging conditions, comprising both strong current and wave regimes, and hence conventional systems used in oil and gas applications are likely to be inadequate. For more information relating to MaREI’s ‘Marine Operations, Maintenance & Management’ capabilities, please contact one of the team members below, or visit the following link.


MaREI Researchers at the Ecological Vehicles and Renewable Energies Conference

  At the recent EVER (Ecological Vehicles and Renewable…

MaRINET2 1st Access Call Opening 10th April

MaRINET2 is a network of 39 partners, involving research centres and organisations cooperating to progress offshore renewable energy technologies such as wave, tidal and offshore-wind.
Comanche ROV

MMRRC at UL purchased a new Remotely Operated Vehicle under the MaREI SFI grant

MMRRC at UL, has purchased a new ROV, and associated launch and recovery systems, under a MaREI SFI infrastructure grant.
Portroe Trials Group Photo

Portroe Trials

MMRRC and Marine Institue participated in a Work Class ROV Trials near Portroe, Ireland.

Floating wind turbine undergoes extreme testing in Irelands' National Ocean Test Facility

Floating wind turbine undergoes extreme testing in Irelands' National Ocean Test Facility
Breaking the Surface 2016 photo

Breaking the Surface 2016 Workshop

MaREI researchers and PhD students participated in the 8th Breaking the Surface 2016 Workshop.

The Underwater Battle of the Robots

The Irish Naval Service were announced as the winning team of the IMERC Mechathon which took place in the Lir National Ocean Test Facility in the MaREI Centre for Marine and Renewable Energy...

MaREI Awarded Over €4m in SFI Infrastructure Funding

MaREI have been awarded over €4m in grants for research equipment…
Daniel Toal

Robotics in Space, Underwater, Industry and the Law

MMRRC's deirector and MaREI Co-PI, gave a talk on the Engineers Ireland event, jointly organised by Engineers Ireland, Mechanical and Manufacturing Division, and Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

MaREI Researchers visiting University of Zagreb

MaREI Researchers from UL, Daniel Toal and Edin Omerdic, gave a talk at the University of Zagreb, under the EXCELLABUST project


EXCELLABUST will significantly strengthen marine robotics research by addressing networking gaps and deficiencies that exist between key organisations at the EU level.
San Marcos project meeting

The Spanish Armada Heritage Project Meeting at UL

The MMRRC team hosted a meeting to discuss the San Marcos Project, focused on the Spanish Armada shipwrecks.

Beaufort Building to Officially Open (July 3rd, 2015)

MaREI’s new headquarters at University College Cork’s (UCC) Beaufort Building in Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork, will officially open on the 11th July 2015...