Power Take-off

MaREI’s electrical ‘Power Take-Off’ capabilities focus on the systems and methods surrounding the conversion to electrical energy of mechanical energy generated by marine renewable energy devices. The electrical ‘Power Take-Off’ team work closely with the ‘Device Design, Testing and Evaluation’, ‘Control Systems’ and ‘Modelling and Simulation’ teams to provide a holistic and integrated approach to the optimisation and advancement of MRE Technologies. This includes a focus on power take-off methods, grid integration, intra-array design and analysis, and power quality issues. The electrical ‘Power Take-Off’ team also has experience in designing, building and testing electrical systems for at-sea trails, and operates a range of electrical and energy storage test infrastructure. Key ‘Power Take-Off’ focus areas include:

  • Electrical Power Take-Off: Research activities focus on optimised systems and methods for electrical power take-off, including the development of implementable control laws based on linear and rotational configurations.
  • Electrical Services at Ocean Energy Test Sites: Capabilities include data acquisition, system control and electrical system expertise.
  • Dynamic Electrical Models: Electrical modelling is conducted using tools such as MATLAB, Simulink and DigSILENT Power Factory, and are used to analyse power flows and to examine responses to faults and weakened grid conditions. Dynamic models are a requirement under Irish Grid Code for the connection of wind turbines, with similar requirements expected for marine renewable energy devices.
  • Microgrid Studies: Flexible in-house microgrid infrastructure enables research across areas such as communications and control. Back-syncing, power quality, fault current tolerances and balance issues.
  • Energy Storage: Electrical storage expertise extends to the use of super-capacitors and lithium-ion batteries to address issues relating the ‘pulsating’ nature of marine renewable energy.

For more information relating to MaREI’s ‘Power Take-Off’ capabilities, please contact one of the team members below, or visit the LIR-National Ocean Test Facility pageLIR-National Ocean Test Facility page


  • OPERA – Open Sea Operating Experience to Reduce Wave Energy Cost
  • FloTEC – Floating Tidal Energy Commercialisation Project


  • CORES– Components for Ocean Renewable Energy Systems
  • MARINA – Marine Renewable Integrated Application Platform
  • MARINET – Marine Renewables Infrastructure Network