Transboundary Adaptation Learning Exchange: Policy and Practice

In a world grappling with the consequences of climate change, the TALX research provides valuable insights into the challenges and solutions surrounding climate adaptation in Ireland and the UK. Beyond the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, TALX underscores the critical importance of effective adaptation strategies, considering that society remains locked into a degree of climate change even if global emissions cease today. TALX adopts a comprehensive approach, examining climate adaptation from both top-down and bottom-up perspectives. A key finding is the inadequacy of resources to implement necessary actions. Addressing this, TALX advocates for funding that transcends short-term cycles, supporting long-term, self-sustaining initiatives. Additionally, breaking down silos and fostering collaboration among stakeholders becomes paramount to seamlessly integrate adaptation into broader initiatives.

What sets TALX apart is its innovative co-development of a place-based climate adaptation partnership framework. Enriched by diverse stakeholder perspectives, this framework becomes a practical guide for advancing adaptation partnerships at all levels. The establishment of a transboundary community of practice ensures shared learning, fostering collaboration and leaving no region behind in the journey towards climate adaptation.

The research evaluates national climate adaptation policies across the UK and Ireland, highlighting a crucial gap in enabling national adaptation ambitions. TALX provides valuable insights through five policy briefs, offering recommendations for improvement. By informing policymakers, the research aims to bridge the divide between policy intent and practical implementation.

In essence, TALX doesn’t merely identify challenges; it provides a roadmap for stakeholders to navigate the complexities of climate change. It emphasises the urgent need for society, policymakers, and businesses to collaborate, taking collective ownership of adaptation actions for a resilient future.

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Policy Briefs

Is Policy Enabling Adaptation? An assessment of Welsh national climate adaptation policies 

Does Policy Support Adaptation? An assessment of Scotland’s national climate adaptation policies

How does Policy Stack Up? An assessment of Northern Ireland’s national climate adaptation policies

Is Policy Effective Enough? An assessment of Ireland’s national climate adaptation policies

Does Policy Measure Up? An assessment of England’s national climate adaptation policies


Feature Project


TalX aims to establish an innovative learning network to enable a cohesive approach for measuring and acting on climate change adaptation across boundaries.

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