University College Cork to send student and researcher delegation to COP 28

University College Cork (UCC) is sending a delegation of students, academics, and researchers to the upcoming COP 28 global summit in Expo City, Dubai.

COP 28 (30 November until 12 December) will bring together nations to assess global efforts to limit the levels of climate change against targets set by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Kyoto Protocol, the Paris Agreement, and other international accords.

Over 500 researchers are engaged on sustainability at UCC and its research has shaped Ireland’s key national climate policies. Eleven delegates will form UCC’s group at COP28 including MaREI’s Dr Archishman Bose and Claudia Hihetah.

This year, UCC has redistributed three of its badges granting access to COP to climate activists from Columbia, Kenya, and South Africa in order to increase the representation of people from the Global South at the discussions.

“UCC was the first Irish University to secure official observer status at COP meetings, and we believe it is important for universities to maintain a presence at the talks. We need observers to stand witness to these important international negotiations and to critically assess the decisions made, in order to ensure the outcomes shape a better future for us all.”
Prof. Biran O Gallachoir
Associate Vice-President of Sustainability at UCC and Director of the Environmental Research Institute
“Sustainability is core to UCC’s ethos – it is one of the five key goals outlined in our five-year strategic plan launched this year. Whether it be through day-to-day initiatives such as our Plastic Free UCC policy, or at a macro level by attending COP28, we will not be found wanting in our relentless efforts to address the single greatest challenge of our age.”
Prof. John O’Halloran
President, University College Cork