Demand Side Optimisation

MaREI’s ‘Demand Side Optimisation’ capabilities focus on the optimisation of energy usage and processes on the demand side to better match renewable energy production and consumption, with a particular focus on industrial applications. The ‘Demand Side Optimisation’ team work closely with the ‘Energy Integration & Storage’ and ‘Renewable Energy Forecasting’ teams to provide a holistic and integrated approach to the optimisation and advancement of MaREI’s Renewable Energy Management objectives. Research activities cover the optimisation of processes using energy consumption data and optimised analysis techniques, together with the minimisation of areas of inefficiency across energy systems using fault detection and diagnostics, and through the integration of different data sources.

The integration, storage and management of renewable energy has significant potential for enabling end users, including larger multinational companies, to meet their corporate targets for reduced CO2 emissions, while the integration of energy data with production data in the manufacturing sector has the potential for greatly increased efficiencies. For more information relating to MaREI’s ‘Demand Side Optimisation’ capabilities, please contact one of the team members below, or visit the following site.

Core Research Areas Include

  • Development of intelligent analytics systems to support industrial energy management
  • Incorporation of fault detection and diagnostics to industrial energy systems
  • Integration of renewable and traditional energy systems
  • Application of next generation renewable and sustainable energy systems to industry

Ongoing Projects

  • Decision Support Systems
  • Drive for Zero
  • Industrial Analytics Framework
  • Measurement and Verification in Industry
  • Wind Turbine Optimisation
  • TurnkeyRetrofit

Former Projects

  • Automated Fault Detection for AHUs
  • Carbon Neutral Buildings Project
  • Energy Monitoring Wireless Networked Systems
  • Thermal Energy Storage using PCMs in a Cooling System
  • Integrated Intelligent Energy/Water Management Systems
  • Thermal Energy Storage Using PCMs in a Cooling System