Energy Policy and Modelling Group case study featured in Governments Research and Innovation Strategy

The Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications has launched its inaugural Research and Innovation (R&I) Strategy which features a case study on MaREI’s Energy Policy and Modelling Group at University College Cork. 

The Strategy sets out 39 actions across five goals to be delivered in the period to 2030:

  1. Delivery and Management of R&I
  2. Governance and Oversight
  3. Research Needs
  4. People, Skills and Knowledge Transfer
  5. Working with the National Research and Innovation System

Modelling has played a key role in appraising and developing climate actions, allowing the Government to assess the feasibility and impacts of proposed climate mitigation and adaptation actions.

In the area of energy systems modelling, the research agreement is with the Energy Policy & Modelling Group, based at University College Cork (UCC) and affiliated with the Science Foundation Ireland MaREI Centre. This agreement, known as the CAPACITY project, has supported the UCC research team to develop, maintain, and make available a suite of energy system models for policy-makers across a number of Government Departments.

The team use models they have developed (Times Ireland Model; LEAP Ireland Model; PLEXOS-EU) to understand how changes in Ireland’s energy system will impact on meeting greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets.

Read the full strategy here. 

Feature Project

CAPACITY (Climate Action Pathways & Absorptive Capacity)

The CAPACITY project will further develop and update tools to facilitate insights and robust decision making about the appropriate long-term decarbonisation pathway for Ireland.

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