National Risk Assessment of Impacts of Climate Change


National Risk Assessment of Impacts of Climate Change

Funding Body

Environmental Protection Agency

Research Area

Climate Change & Adaptation

Key Contact

Jeremy Gault


The primary aim of the proposed research is to establish a national risk and impacts assessment of the affect upon Ireland of the current and future patterns in the 21st Century of climate warming. This will be undertaken in this study area for Ireland and its contiguous regions through a wide ranging expert review of all the data and associated literature. Analysis of this information, to determine the patterns, trends and critical indicators of change over the different sectors of the environment, economy and society and coupled with the significance of the changes will be completed. The sector risks and impacts will be considered for different climate scenarios. The different phases in the development of the review and analysis will be submitted for discussion and critical feedback from panels of practitioners and expert opinion, which will include the areas of local and national government; business and industry, NGOs and semi-state organisations, the wider stakeholder community. Costings and cost-benefit analysis of the defined risks and their impacts for Ireland will be undertaken. This work will be linked to a series of recommendations and priorities for need and actions, together with the timescales for operation.