Start Date

01 – 2021

End Date

01 – 2024

Funding Body



University of Strathclyde

Research Partners

GE Wind Energy, NTNU, TU Delft, CENER

Principal Investigators

Jimmy Murphy

Research Area

Offshore Renewable Energy


This is a €4m project 3-year project coordinated by the University of Strathclyde which aims to develop an X-shaped radical offshore wind turbine for the overall cost of energy reduction. The aim of the project is to develop a highly innovative hybrid between a horizontal-axis (primary rotor) and vertical-axis (secondary rotor) wind turbine, to determine its performance and levilised cost of energy, and to ratify the concept work with an OEM (wind turbine manufacturer).

UCC-MaREI is leading a multidisciplinary team that will assess the social, economic, and environmental impact of the technology and devises strategies to maximise the benefit in these 3 key areas.