Earth Day 2022 – Invest In Our Planet

At MaREI, we understand that Earth Day is not just a day we celebrate once a year, it is in fact a movement, one we are actively part of. Our research programme seeks to address three research priorities – Energy Transition, Climate Action, and the Blue Economy, which underpin and guide the development of our research activities. 

To celebrate this year’s Earth Day and its theme of ‘Invest In Our Planet’ we are highlighting some of our research excellence. 

Here are some of MaREI’s recent analyses of Ireland’s emissions in an effort to reach our Climate ambition and reduce our fossil fuel use.

10 actions that will reduce Ireland’s use of fossil fuels by 10% a year

Ireland is one of the most fossil fuel-dependent countries in Europe. University College Cork researchers in MaREI have developed 10 actions that households and government can take to reduce Ireland’s use of fossil fuel by 10%. 

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Climate Action in Ireland is not following Climate Ambition

Early estimates for 2021 suggest Ireland’s emissions are not on target

Analysis from Dr Paul Deane and Prof. Brian Ó Gallachóir of University College Cork indicates State’s greenhouse emissions are approximately 5% higher than 2020.

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Is Ireland taking too much of the global carbon budget?

At a Time of Climate Crisis: Emissions cuts are urgent to keep Earth at safe temperature

MaREI researcher Dr Hannah Daly at ERI, University College Cork has become a regular writer for a column called “In a time of climate crisis” for the Irish Times.

Her first column asks whether Ireland is taking too much of the remaining global carbon budget. 

The Earth has already warmed by about 1.1 degrees. We know that global temperature rise is directly proportional to cumulative carbon emissions from climate science. Each tonne of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted turns up the dial on the Earth’s proverbial thermostat permanently. Using this relationship, scientists have calculated different global carbon budgets corresponding to varying levels of future temperature rise.

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What do the carbon budgets mean for us all?

On the latest episode of ‘Down To Earth’ Dr Cara Augustenborg wants to know how the carbon budgets are going to affect us.

Cara spoke to MaREI at UCC’s Hannah Daly, who gave her thoughts on the newly approved carbon budgets.

Energy Policy & Modelling

The research above is completed by the Energy Policy & Modelling group at MaREI in UCC. Further information relating to their expertise in this area is available