The primary objective of OPERA is to gather open-sea operating experience to reduce the cost of wave energy.


EXCELLABUST will significantly strengthen marine robotics research by addressing networking gaps and deficiencies that exist between key organisations at the EU level.


AQUACROSS supports EU efforts to enhance the resilience and stop the loss of biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems and future aquatic ecosystem services.


AWESCO is a training network that combines interdisciplinary academic and industrial network partners all of whom are experts in Airborne Wind Energy.


RiCORE aims to establish a risk-based approach to consenting based on environmental sensitivity, the technology's risk profile and the scale of the project.


MARIBE aims to identify opportunities for Blue Growth sectors to combine with other sectors via multi-use of space or in multi-use platforms (MUPs) and assist in the development of the most promising projects within these combinations.


AquaSpace aims to provide increased space for aquaculture production by identifying and attempting to overcome key constraints limiting the industry’s development using an ecosystem approach leading to a sustainable increase in EU aquaculture, while maintaining environmental quality.


BRIDGE SMS is a software application that empowers engineers and key personnel to predict, identify and prepare for potentially destructive flood events.


The objective of MINATURA2020 is to develop a concept and methodology for the definition mineral deposits of public importance to ensure their best use.


Built2Spec project will deliver new breakthrough technological advances through the development of new and innovative on-site quality assurance tools.


“Novel Composite Materials and Processes for Offshore Renewable Energy” (MARINCOMP) (Grant no: 612531) is a European Commission, Marie Curie 7th Framework Programme funded Project.


SAFI is leading to the development and evaluation of an integrated web-GiS-based Decision Support Service, disseminating the EO-derived ecological indicators to the various users concerned.