New research paper on Wave Energy potential in Europe

A new scientific article was recently published in Elsevier’s Renewable Energy journal, titled “An advanced geospatial assessment of the Levelised cost of energy (LCOE) for wave farms in Irish and western UK waters.”

This study uses the geographic approach to investigate the financial feasibility of wave energy in the region and identifies the most promising locations for future deployments, considering the geospatially variable wave climate, water depth and access to onshore infrastructure.

The findings reveal areas of highest project feasibility in the Atlantic Ocean (off the west coast of Ireland), the Celtic Sea, and the Inner Seas off the West Coast of Scotland, where LCOE values of below 110€/MWh are estimated.

This research was carried out at MaREI – University College Cork as part of the European Union funded Selkie Project and provides a significant step towards realising our marine renewable energy goals.

This paper was written by Ross O’Connell, Mitra KamidelivandMargaret Cullinane, Jimmy Murphy, Marco Guerrini and Rebecca Furlong. 

The full article can be found here.