Wave Energy MaREI

Title: TIDES

Start Year: 2013

End Year: 2016

Funding Body: European Union – FP7

Coordinator: DP Energy

Research Area: Marine Renewable Energy Technologies

Key Contact: Paul Leahy

Website: www.seai.ie/Renewables/Energy_Research_Portal/EU_Research/FP7/TIDES.html

The TIDES project will deliver one of the first tidal energy farms, located 2km off the Co. Antrim coast of Northern Ireland. Objectives include addressing technical problems associated with the environment, deployment, power generation and yield assessment.  TIDES is led by DP Marine Energy, a Cork-based marine renewable energy development company. TIDES will lead to the deployment of a tidal energy demonstration array off Fair Head, Nothern Ireland. The aim is to calculate the total lifetime CO2 emissions of the tidal energy development. This is crucial for benchmarking tidal energy against other low-carbon electricity sourcs such as offshore wind.