Ireland’s Offshore Wind Potential

This report on Ireland’s Offshore Wind Potential looks at the amount of offshore wind capacity we need in Ireland to meet domestic Net Zero Targets and Export Ambitions. To meet our Net Zero Target, we will likely need between 12-15GW of Offshore Capacity for 2050 for different scenarios of electricity demand, assuming an onshore capacity of 11GW and solar of 8GW for an average weather year. Read it here. 

Wind Capacity development surplus to this will likely be for Net Export to other countries or other vectors (aviation, etc) and will provide important economic opportunities to the industry but it does not provide an environmental benefit to Ireland in terms of domestic emissions reduction.

This distinction is helpful when designing state support for offshore wind projects as some will contribute to national climate action needs (Net Zero) and others may have to seek out markets for commercial justification for Net Export.

The report was written and coordinated by MaREI researcher Paul Deane. Modelling Development and Numerical Modelling was undertaken by Hannah Daly, Vahid Aryanpur, Olexandr Balyk, Alessandro Chiodi, Ankita Gaur, James Glynn, Jason McGuire, Xiufeng Yue.