Two brand new papers from CEEES Research Group

MaREI’s Circular Economy Energy and Environmental Systems (CEEES) Research Group have released two new papers.

The first paper entitled ‘Renewable deep eutectic solvents pretreatment improved the efficiency of anaerobic digestion by lignin extraction from willow’ was written by MaREI researchers Xihui Kang, Chen Deng, Rajas Shinde, Richen Lin, Jerry D Murphy. The paper investigated short-chain carboxylic acid-based deep eutectic solvent pretreatment of willow. Read it here.

The second paper entitled ‘Design, Construction, and Concept Validation of a Laboratory-Scale Two-phase Reactor to Valorize Whiskey Distillery By-products’ written by Anga Hackula, Richard O’Shea, Jerry D Murphy and David M.Wall covers everything you wanted to know about design & commissioning of a bioreactor published by ACS Publications, funded by Irish Research Council. Read it here.