18 MaREI Researchers listed as Top Scientists in Ireland by Research.com

Congratulations to all the MaREI researchers listed below who have been named the Top Scientists in Ireland across ten different categories by Research.com. 

Research.com is a leading educational platform that helps students find the best schools, academic opportunities, and career paths and the position in the rankings is based on a researcher’s D-index (Discipline H-index). 

MaREI researchers Henry J. CurranFrédéric DiasBrian NortonGregorio Iglesias, Xinmin Zhan and Gordon Lightbody and MaREI Directors Jerry D. Murphy and Brian Ó Gallachóir were listed in the Top Engineering and Technology Scientists category in Ireland. 

Included in the Best Environmental Sciences Scientists in Ireland list, was the University of Galway’s Colin D. O’Dowd ranked No.1, Vincent O’Flaherty ranked No.4, and Xinmin Zhan ranked No.10.

Ronan Sulpice from MaREI at the Univeristy of Galway was ranked No.1 in the top scientists ranking for Plant Science and Agronomy.

University of Galway’s Henry J. Curran and Piet N.L. Lens were ranked No.2 and No.5  in Chemistry Scientists.

Paul M. Weaver of the University of Limerick, Ireland was ranked No.13 in the Best Materials Science Scientists in Ireland.

In the Best Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Scientists in Ireland list, Paul M. Weaver ranked No.1 and Sean B. Leen ranked No.4.

Listed in Best Electronics and Electrical Engineering ScientistsJohn V. Ringwood from Maynooth University who was ranked No.3 in Ireland. 

Researchers Yvonne Buckley and Jane Stout both from Trinity College Dublin ranked No.1 and No.3 in the Best Ecology and Evolution Scientists category. Both principal investigators on the Nature+Energy, which is founded on the idea that wind farms have the potential to provide so much more than renewable energy.

And finally, Andrew J. Wheeler of University College Cork ranked No.10 in Best Earth Science Scientists in Ireland while Vincent O’Flaherty was ranked in the Best Microbiology Scientists list.